Upcoming Performances


Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking

Giselle, or I’m too horny to be a prince

  • September 15: Decibel Showcase @ the Contact Theatre, Manchester
  • November 24: Sacred @ the Chelsea Theatre (part of a triple bill with Gillie Kleiman and Martin O’Brien)

Other Performances

  • October 7: ‘For Your Pleasure: 25 Choreographic Studies of Submission’ (PhD Research sharing)



We have been awarded a GFA grant from Arts Council England to produce and tour Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking, which is commissioned by Homotopia and the Unity Theatre

Diaghilev on the Beach has been review by Luc Jennings in the Observer [link]

A mention of my work in ‘Spirit of the Underground: Dance’ in the Guardian [link]

Clara discussed ‘shock tactics and Dave St. Pierre’s show’ with Luc Jennings in the Guardian [link]