‘Why can’t a stranger be a lover, and still remain a stranger?’ – Tim Dean

Cruising, Clubbing, Fucking is a dance-theatre performance for three dancers exploring how gay men have met and seduced each other, from the 60’s to the present day.CCF - Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Blending bodies with beats and contemporary dance styles with gesture, the three dancers move their way through this world of late night lust, combining pursuit, seduction and moments of tenderness.

The show explores anonymous encounters, play in parks and public toilets, handkerchief flagging, and what happens after all the music has died down and all the time together has been spent.

CCF - Photo by Hugo GlendinningCruising Clubbing Fucking is an engaging, pulsating and sensual voyage into the underground worlds and adventures of generations of gay men.

Commissioned by Homotopia and the Unity Theatre and funded by Arts Council England.

Duration: 80min

CCF - Photo by Hugo Glendinning
Created by

Choreography: Joseph Mercier
Performers: Sebastian Langueneur, Joseph Mercier and Swayne Simms
Sound Design: Dinah Mullen
Lighting Design: Pablo Fernandez Baz
Costume Design: Lorna Thomas
Dramaturgy: Natalie Clarke
Rehearsal Coach and Company Class: Leila Macmillan
Associate Artists: Tim Chew and Murray Healy
Mentors: James Gardiner and Struan Leslie

Produced by: Clara Giraud

Additional support from the Chisenhale Dance Space and Lenita and XTG.

Past Performances

Research and Development was undertaken at the International Workshop Festival, Siobhan Davies Studios and at the Central School of Speech and Drama


Upcoming Performances

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             Homotopia   The Unity Theatre, Liverpoole