Most of the time I can be found doing something inappropriate. I work in performance: dance, live art, physical theatre and film; I perform, dance, choreograph, design, and write depending on the project. I started training at the age of 20 in classical ballet at the school of Alberta ballet in Canada, then at Boston Ballet and had a brief career as a classical dancer in Nutcracker, before “retiring” to pursue broader performance interests. The style of my work varies from project to project, but it is always gently provocative, highly visual and socially and politically engaged.

My work and research often deals,  in playful ways, with issues of sexuality, the erotic body and gender.   I am also particularly interested in alternative performance and co-curated

Oh So Totally Rad: A Day of Unorthodox Dance with Bryony Kimmings at the Chisenhale Dance Space.

I teach movement and performance research at the Central School of Speech and Drama and Metropolitan University.


Dance Training

School of Alberta Ballet, Canada



PhD: Currently researching Choreographing Submission at the Central School of Speech and Drama
MA Advanced Theatre Practice (Director) from the Central School of Speech and Drama
BFA Theatre at Concordia University, Canada